We are Fully Qualified Clinical Therapists, Specialising in Hypnotherapy, Resource Therapy, Advanced Ego State Therapist, NLP Practitioners & Strategy Coaches and run our own clinics in Melbourne & Balaclava.

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Todays lifestyle can be tough and for many people this results in stress in both their work and personal lives. Longer hours, tight deadlines, higher expectations and workload all contribute to increasing our day-to-day stress levels. We help you overcome these feelings of anxiety and stress

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Getting help can relieve your suffering. As you work with a professional, you will improve on your skill sets in managing your stresses. You will become better in time which will benefit you as time goes by. If you dont get help, then there is a chance that you will continue to suffer.

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January 2013

Lauris and Paul launched their seperate clinics in Frankston and South Yarra. Lauris with New Wave Hypnotherapy and Paul with Hypnotic State.

February 2012

Lauris and Paul trained at the Academy of Hypnotic Science as Clinical Hypnotherapists.

Lauris gained NLP Practitioner accreditation.

July 2014

Lauris trained under Dr. Gordon Emmerson and gained Clinical Ego State Therapy accreditation.

March 2014

Paul trained under Dr. Gordon Emmerson and gained Clinical Resource Therapy accreditation.

February 2016

Lauris and Paul combined their clinics under the Hypnotic State name in Glen Iris, Melbourne, VIC.

July 2018 to current

Lauris and Paul launched their new practice in the heart of Balaclava, Melbourne VIC. Change Central.

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